PASKAL Girls and Moe Glados Alyx Replacement

This content model for Alyx Replacement. You’re freely to choose which one you going to download.

Humanoid Moe Glados:





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  1. Can anyone tell me what’s the problem of ‘wrong version number (48 should be 44)’
    When i got into half-life 2 game, the model became a very big ‘error’ on it

  2. Xenoaisam , thank you for your work (models , maps) I like it a lot . When I’ve downloaded Naluri (Alyx Replacement) in the game (obsidion conflict) movement of her body was very silly (strangely) . She was sit and moving on her (back?) , shooting (hmmmmmm was silly ) e.t.c.

    PS sorry for misstake , I just learn english language

  3. Oh ! I wont ask :
    { I had downdoaded more models for obsidion conflict } . If other players hadn’t download those files that I , will they see only rebels ?

  4. hi xeno i have a big problem with nurani …when i play the game she is a big and red ERROR signal… please i love your models can you help me?

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