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  1. hello I know that why this model have weird animation while playing online

    maybe that’s why your replacement model can’t sync with server

    I’m curious why your replacement model has animation problem, so I decompiled the model

    I have spotted that the problem is your model’s “skeleton”

    you must delete “original” skeleton , re-joint new skeleton Completely .
    You can’t just use old skeleton

    I know this take too much time, but if you didn’t re-joint “NEW skeleton”

    it’s 100% has “sync problem” and can’t be fixed

    1. re-joint new skeleton?

      1) import Rochelle bone
      2) Unlink all bone
      3) Link back the bone
      4) Rig the model into bone
      5) Export to game

      like that?

      1. >1) import Rochelle bone
        >2) Unlink all bone
        >3) Link back the bone
        >4) Rig the model into bone
        >5) Export to game

        yes, the point is, you can’t use “old skeleton” because it’s not “Match” server side
        (server still using Nick’s bone)
        that’s how “weird animation” appear
        just delete old skeleton, import new one and re-joint

        if you want to keep using jiggle bone as Miku’s hair, add new bone as jiggle bone after you re-joint Nick’s skeleton completely

  2. Hi Xenoaisam!!
    I wanted to ask you if it’s possible to you to make Len replacing Ellis and Luka replacing Coach and maybe doing the same thing you did with nick voice to make them a feminine voice and maybe doing the same thing with rochelle voice… Think about it…

  3. hello I have found another problem

    I just spotted these in your QC file

    $includemodel “survivors/anim_TeenAngst.mdl”
    $includemodel “survivors/gestures_TeenAngst.mdl”

    you should use Nick’s animation model or it will cause error

    1. theres a reason i did use Zoey animation.. if i’m pointing to Nick animation, Miku will be having ‘manly’ figure… so its ugly.. plus the error only occur on online without my model install.. if my model install in both side, the problem didn’t occur

  4. I want to ask that:
    After I install this add-on in my “Steam\SteamApps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons” and launch game, why I can see that the replacement of Nick?

    Lastly, I am a Chinese in HK, hope you can forgive my mistakes (grammars of english)!
    I will always stand on your side. : ) Good luck!

      1. That means I should intall this add-ons in my
        “C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons” ?
        Then, use Steam to open “Left4dead2.exe” ?

  5. It is really nice,
    I hope Miku`s Model can be made for Team Fortress 2
    Miku`s Slim Body,Physics and Style are perfect for the Scout who is a
    Fast Mover in the game.
    Keep it On!

  6. Now my problem is that I can’t seem to get this to work with Campaign mode, single player is fine but neither I or anyone I’m playing with can see the mod except for at the “Choose your character” screen.

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