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  1. Will you think about making Len replacing ellis and Luka replacing Coach? it would be awesome to have a Vocaloid left 4 dead 2 Pack!! *__* It’s just a suggestion of course…

  2. I just let you know that there are no issues either on online versus mode and single mode. This model works just fine for me but on the other hand Miku ones gets glitches so easily I don’t know why. All of her movements gets glitches after being used for a while somehow but I really love to play with Rin and thanks for the making it <3!

    1. It’s because Xeno used Rochelle ‘s skeleton directly

      unlike Miku playermodel, which used Zoey’s skeleton but apply on Nick’s playermodel

  3. When I try to extract file it keeps on getting deleted due to trodden horse being detected. Can you do something about that?

    1. XenoAisam uses an installer which causes antivirus programs to falsely identify it as malware, you have to tell the program to ignore that file.

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